Le fils des étoiles

Adapation of Erik Satie’s incidental music to the play Le fils des étoiles by Josephin Peladan:
1a. Prelude du Premier Acte – La Vocation
1b. Theme Decoratif: La Nuit Kaldee
2. Prelude du Deuxieme Acte – L’Initiation
3. 2nd version of L’Initiation

The Exception of Enward Jymm

Eight Tracks – 27:40

Enward Jymm is a programmer at MKRXXZ (pronounced ‘make rocks’. long story).
It’s his job, at the time these episodes are set, to protect information from corruption owing to the effects of the spacetime flux the Zogg causes with their abuse of The Gizmo; which fucks up spacetime to their advantage (if youse do not pay yous tributes, bad things could happen to youse), controlling The Corridor and making it tough for interplanetary business.
The powers that be on The Inside of the MKRXXZ corporatocracy have devised a way of ensuring futures, via tech that may have been reverse-engineered Gizmo Action®.
If you aren’t part of the club, you’re not bloody likely to be because they can set you back some.
Enward Jymm (have you figured out the lit. reference? say it aloud) is an exception somehow. He’s a half-breed. The ruling class are known to the others as “Pales”, which were developed in a lab centuries ago by Karbo ‘Motherfucking’ Tee.

En’s mother met his father on a TV game show, she was the prize. He is not exactly bred for success.

En is a games designer and has found out some things about this game they’re running out here, particularly about the system of devised resets. He becomes a hero to the nascent counterculture, combining his game inventor notoriety with his writings about the Game We’re In; telling about how The Inside is a closed game.

The Insiders need him for his skills, but at the point of the episode this music is for, he’s getting to be persona non grata. The Lichen D music is for a psychedelic experience, with some epiphanies which play a part in the awakening. Starving Marv Ng has found that if you stop consuming the official foodstuffs you are privy to more and more reality.
Lichen D is a radical antidote to the chemicals in the water and food supplies.
(And contains the theme music to the TV show about Karbo Tee that En and his girlfriend think they saw in the static while they were out there on this stuff. Among other things…)